Saturday, October 26, 2024 at the Sundial Bridge
Join us for Festival at the Sundial Riffle Raffle
11:00 am to 3:00 pm

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Continuing commitment to
Substance Abuse Prevention & Youth Development

Supporting our youth with over $5 million raised in 31 years!


The Sundial Riffle Raffle, (formerly Redding Ducky Derby) is the reimagined format for supporting youth development in Superior CA. Redding East Rotary, under the Rotary Clubs of Northern CA Foundation Against Substance Abuse, has partnered with our local youth for 30 years. The Sundial Riffle Raffle continues that proud tradition of partnership. Why we do it

We want our kids to get “high” on things other than drugs and alcohol. We believe that helping them to fund activities that do that lead to better long term health and making good choices throughout their lives.


Rotary coordinates all the infrastructure of the project, the kids sell the tickets and receive 100% of the proceeds, making it the most successful fundraiser a school can offer!

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We want our kids to get “high” on things other than drugs and alcohol.  We believe that helping them to fund activities that support healthy & stimulating activities lead to better long term health and making good choices throughout their lives.


Apply for one-time matching funds grant from the Rotary Clubs of Northern California Foundation Against Substance Abuse!

This matching grant opportunity is limited to $2,500 per grant. This grant opportunity is to encourage sales of Sundial Riffle Raffle tickets and an opportunity to qualify for matching funds. The goal of this program is to help groups raise funds for underfunded projects for their youth. We are looking for qualifying new groups who have NOT received funds in the last two years from the Sundial Riffle Raffle.

Download your application here!


Carin Jones

Turtle Bay School

Ms. Carin Jones class uses “break out boxes” to challenge students creativity and problem solving skills.  A great opportunity to segue into discussions about making good choices!

Bonnie Hyatt

Boulder Creek School Parent Club President

“Ducky Derby has always been the most generous and crucial fundraiser for our students.  From helping pay for WES camp to the week long activities of “Red Ribbon Week” I just do not know what we would do without such an amazing fundraiser for our kids. Redding East Rotary has always made this fundraiser easy for our volunteers and we cannot thank them enough for their continued support in our community.  We are looking forward to the new Sundial Riffle Raffle”.

Kaitlin O’Bar's Story


When I was seven years old my big brother Nolan stole a car. He stole it to get money for drugs. He was on drugs when he did it. He was doing crystal meth. He is in prison now. I’m eight years old and I’m in third grade. He will get to come home when I’m in high school. It makes me feel sad when I think of him sitting in a cell. I miss him so much. He gets to call home sometimes. I get to talk to him when he calls. I wish he was home with me. I asked Santa to bring home for Christmas, but Mom told me he couldn’t come home for seven more years. If he was not on drugs that day he stole the car our life would be different. I wouldn’t be so sad and neither would my parents. Drugs are really bad because they make you do stuff like steal. Drugs make people not think right and then really bad things happen. I hope all of the bad drugs go away so the people won’t go to prison. The Ducky Derby reminds people not to do drugs. I’m going to sell tickets every year so people won’t get on drugs.

Shirley Quibell

Cascade Union Teacher/GATE Coordinator

Wow!  A new twist is taking place with the Redding East Rotary’s Substance Abuse  Foundation’s program. It will now be known as the Sundial Riffle Raffle!  The partnership with local youth and Redding East Rotary has been such a positive experience for my students. Students raise funds for Red Ribbon Week and classroom materials that enhance the curriculum. The BEST part of this fundraiser is that the students are able to have 100% of the money they earned returned to them and that is the exceptional fact of this brilliant program!

Riffle is defined as a rocky or shallow part of a stream or river, creating rough water

Water is a valuable resource, as are our youth!  They both experience rough times, but are able to get through it and come out to smoother sailing. The disruption in the flow caused by a riffle can be very beautiful and interesting.  Our children learn to participate in the funding of their own events by partnering with the adults who sponsor it.