The Sundial Riffle Raffle is a unique event designed as a fundraising opportunity for the Rotary Clubs of Northern California Foundation Against Substance Abuse and local schools and youth groups.  Originally presented as the Ducky Derby, it has returned over $5 million to local schools and youth groups.

Funds from the Sundial Riffle Raffle are to be used for Substance Abuse Prevention Programs and Youth Development. This is a unique partnership, where Redding East Rotary provides the infrastructure for students to sell tickets.  If the Rotary Club is able to raise adequate funds to cover the cost of the race, 100% of ticket sales are returned to the youth groups.

Here we’ve compiled a list of valuable links to Programs, Foundations, and Organizations dedicated to drug abuse prevention.

Redding East Rotary Club
Redding East Rotary is a volunteer service organization whose members donate their time and resources to help others in the community and throughout the world. It is through their Foundation Against Substance Abuse that the monies are distributed to the community.

NIDA for TEENS The Science Behind Drug Abuse
Designed for parents and other adults involved in the lives of 7- to 18-year-olds, the Family Guide Web site emphasizes the importance of family, promotes mental health, and helps prevent underage use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs

The Choose Well Program With Mr. Brown
Presenting life changing workshops and assemblies for schools, as well as a video library that works alongside SEL, PBIS, & character development curriculum.

Shasta County Chemical People
Partners for a Drug-Free Community is a non-profit, youth and adult led organization, which promotes and supports the development of a safe, strong community for youth and families free from racism, violence, alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse.

Partnership for a Drug Free America
Need Help? Get Help! Drug prevention, drug abuse, drug intervention, drug treatment and recovery. provides answers, guidance, tips and stories.

STOP Underage Drinking, Portal of Federal Resources
Parents play a crucial role in discouraging their children from beginning to use alcohol. The resources below will help parents discuss this important issue with their children and brainstorm ways for them to refuse offers of alcohol from their peers.

SR22 Insurance Resource
Library of resources aimed at keeping teens safe on the road including guidance on underage drinking, distracted driving and drugged driving.

Understanding Substance Abuse and Facilitating Recovery: A Guide for Child Welfare Workers
Christians in Recovery. Your internet community for recovery. Always caring, always available.

Educating Parents About Substance Abuse And Parenting Issues 
Parents are the first line of defense in successful efforts to prevent youth substance abuse. Research indicates that young people who reported strong ties with their parents and families were significantly less likely to engage in risky behavior, including substance abuse (JAMA 1997).

Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base 
Parents may not realize just how available illicit drugs are to their children. They may not realize how young children are when they begin to experiment with alcohol and drugs. Statistics can be sobering.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
“A Life in the Community For Everyone”

Bucketfillers Forever

Kelly Nickel’s Bucketfilling school assemblies and workshops use music, motion, and memorization to make learning active, sticky, and fun. The simplicity of the metaphor makes it easy to everyone to remember that we all have feelings, we all like feeling good, and it’s the way we treat each other that either makes us feel better or makes us feel worse. It’s a simple binary choice.